Matthew Squires

Consultant Physiotherapist

MHS (Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy)
BAS (Physiotherapy – Honours) The Sydney University Medal
BAS (Biomedicine)
Cert V (Pilates Instructor)
Certified Gyrotonic (Level 1 and 2) and Gyrokinesis (Level 1 and 2) Instructor
Cert V (Education and training)

Physiotherapy offers me a journey to travel with people into their lives, to help overcome physical conditions which prevent them in achieving their best.

It started with my understanding of pain and how devastating such an invisible intruder can be on people’s lives.

Creating Physio Gym and working with my team has allowed me to build the pathways for rehabilitation and wellness for many physical diseases, injuries and disabilities. The experiences I have shared with my patients has taught me the importance of how physiotherapy can shape their lives for the better.

Pavan Kasthuriarachchi

Clinical Physiotherapist

Bachelor (Physiotherapy)

Working at Physio Gym has allowed me to explore my skills at treating patients with a wide range of conditions.

I understand how frustrating it can be when injuries get in the way of staying active and doing things we love. Getting you back to doing what gives you meaning in life is always my priority.

I find helping people in changing lifestyle behaviours, and making exercise part of their life to be very rewarding.

I have particularly grown a deeper appreciation of people’s journeys by listening to them and working to provide accurate and timely interventions that make a difference to the quality of their lives.

Brett Peterson

Practice Manager

I have been with Physio Gym for 7 years and enjoy being a part of our patient’s journey. I am so grateful to interact with some incredible individuals who have exciting and inspiring stories.

My extensive experience in multiple client service industries spans over 20 years’. My focus is always to develop ways to improve our services and deliver them in the most user-friendly way possible. I have always enjoyed the challenge of improving systems to make life easier for everyone involved.

I am passionate about developing effective patient relationships that allow people to feel safe, at ease, and ensuring a smooth process from the time people walk through the door.

Michelle O’Brien

Medical Receptionist

I am incredibly proud that I represent a company that focuses so intently on the treatment and recovery of a patient, as well as their general welfare.

From the moment a patient steps into Physio Gym, I am keen to assist them. I understand that Rehabilitation doesn’t stop when you finish your appointment, it becomes part of your lifestyle. I enjoy helping people in their transition of being a patient to becoming a member. I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for physical therapy and made such wonderful friendships along the way.

With my medical background (adding up to 8 years in Cosmetic Surgery and NSW Ambulance) I have a deep rooted commitment to patient care, interaction and ensuring that no one leaves unhappy!