Matthew Squires

Consultant Physiotherapist

MHS (Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy)
BAS (Physiotherapy – Honours) The Sydney University Medal
BAS (Biomedicine)
Cert V (Pilates Instructor)
Certified Gyrotonic (Level 1 and 2) and Gyrokinesis (Level 1 and 2) Instructor
Cert V (Education and training)

Physiotherapy offers me a journey to travel with people into their lives, to help overcome physical conditions which prevent them in achieving their best.

It started with my understanding of pain and how devastating such an invisible intruder can be on people’s lives.

Creating Physio Gym and working with my team has allowed me to build the pathways for rehabilitation and wellness for many physical diseases, injuries and disabilities. The experiences I have shared with my patients has taught me the importance of how physiotherapy can shape their lives for the better.

Denny Photo

Denny Choi

Clinical Physiotherapist

Masters of (Physiotherapy)

Growing up playing a variety of sports and suffering numerous injuries, I had sought Physiotherapy treatments for my recovery and led to my goal in pursuing a career in Physiotherapy. After studying Kinesiology in Canada, I flew across the pond to complete my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney.

During my time as a physiotherapist, I have worked in private clinics and hospitals treating acute and chronic conditions of all ages. I firmly believe in rehabilitation through movement and manual therapy. In my spare time, I enjoy going on coastal walks and exploring local dining spots.

Deepa Anand

Customer Health Manager.

BPT. (Physiotherapy)

Deepa became a Physiotherapist in India (2002) working as a Clinician and then as Head Physiotherapist in 2007 in hospitals.  She then focused on her skills to manage the daily running of a cardiovascular hospital in Faridabad.

In 2017, Deepa and her family had the opportunity to move to Australia. With this new step, she unfortunately could not practice as a physiotherapist and continued working in a variety of health institutes.  Throughout her life her fathers words always stood true to her “that education and hard work will never fail you in life.”

Today, Deepa carries forwards that belief and builds on it with her own experiences and values. She is glad to be working at Physio Gym where she can give her one hundred percent to the work that she has chosen as her life profession. Once again, Deepa can experience that moment with our patients when they move and gain their vitality back in their lives again with the benefit of a good rehabilitation process.

Deepa Anand