We help patients challenge their physical limitations:

Skilled Assessment

We offer a holistic assessment to help our patients understand their condition and their capacity to exercise. We provide/develop strategies for patients to reach their functional goals and regain their confidence in movement. We assess for physical impairments and pain, functional limitations, capacity to work, mental health, and neurological impairment. Baseline measurements are conducted and checked as the patients progress their plans.

Individual Exercise Programme

Exercises are prescribed at a safe level using specialised equipment. The equipment is designed to support the body so the patients can work within, and then challenge their physical limitations. Exercises are taught by the therapist using manual guidance and exercise software to aid learning. To gain confidence in their exercise routine patients can attend supervised rehabilitation classes.

Gain Independence

Once patients are considered safe and competent in their programs they are assessed for suitability for independent 24/7 access. If the patient is not considered safe for 24/7 access but can still exercise independently they will be offered a staffed access membership to the facility.

Our goal is to see our patients reach their fullest movement potential with graded exercise solutions. We understand that exercising is often not easy and patients may face obstacles on their journey towards better health.

Rehab Membership included for all NDIS participants*

NDIS Expertise

  • Physical Impairment
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Mental Health
  • Childhood Disabilities
  • Weight Loss

Service Packages

  1. One-to-one care with physiotherapist.
  2. Class format with patients doing their own exercise programs.
  3. Independent exercise in our rehabilitation facility. Staffed access or 24/7 access.

24/7 access to the Gym lets our patients exercise and follow their treatment plan when it suits them.*

*Conditions apply.

Physio GymTM physiotherapy is an NDIS Approved provider