Your membership at Physio Gym.

The choice to exercise is not a light decision, for some it may be a foreign experience while for others it may be a natural step.

Which-ever person you are, exercise is a choice that needs to be repeated each day for you to succeed. At Physio Gym we aim to provide programs to guide you in helping you reach your goals.

Our membership is based on nurturing your commitment to exercise and empower you to succeed in reaching your personal goals whilst navigating any challenges.

We make it even easier for you by offering you up to 6 months FREE membership when you start with us *

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  • Exercise Safely

  • Move Wisely

  • Achieve Your Goals

Exercise Safely

Pilates Equipment

Includes Reformers, Wunda Chairs, a Cadillac, and exercise Barrels, all ideal for building body tone and torso strength.


Get your heart and legs moving using the treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. 

Cable and Free Weights

Use a variety of cable and free weights to develop body strength. We have PRECORE exercise cable machines for the upper and lower body. Our free-weight area includes dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and exercises racks to keep you safe.

GYROTONIC® Equipment

Move your body with GYROTONIC® exercise equipment. The exercise handles allow you to challenge your spinal movements and Pulley/tower will assist you to regain torso and limb movements.

Move Wisely

Physio GymTM Exercise Prescription Software (EPS)

When the physiotherapist prescribes exercises they will provide you with free access to the Physio GymTM EPS. This will allow the therapist to develop a personalised program choosing videos and providing instruction on how to exercise. It will be uploaded to your smartphone, so that your exercises are at your fingertips. The therapist will use the Physio GymTM EPS to prescribe stretches, a load based conditioning program, and use it to gain your feedback so as to help you move wisely.

Achieve Your Goals

24/7 Access

This membership grants you the use of the Facility twenty-four (24) hours seven (7) days per week including public holidays. You acknowledge that the facility may be unstaffed during certain times. You accept, agree, consent and acknowledge that the Facility will be monitored at all times by CCTV surveillance. There are no CCTV surveillance in the bathrooms and change rooms located within the Facility. To be eligible for this membership, you must:

  • Be assessed by the physiotherapist as to your fitness, health, agility and physical suitability to exercise, train, practice and safely complete and undertake, in whole or in part, the Prescribed Exercises unsupervised.
  • You have been provided with the Prescribed Exercises; and
  • See one of our physiotherapists every ten weeks to assess and update your progression.
Staffed Access

This membership grants you access to the Facilities to undertake, carry out, perform the Prescribed Exercises during the hours of 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 12:00pm Saturdays, excluding Sunday and public holidays.

Staffed hours may be subject to change. Notification of any changes shall be placed at the front door.

From time to time the Facility may close without notice for reasons including but not limited to illness, staffing and emergencies in which case access will not granted.

We shall use its best efforts to notify you, however, you agree and acknowledge that we shall not be liable for any loss, costs or damage suffered by you by reason of any closure of the Facility or any other reason preventing you from accessing and using the Facility.




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