Providing you with a safe and enjoyable rehabilitation experience

At Physio Gym, we believe you want to be here to make a positive difference in your life. Our approach is designed to be enjoyable, challenging and fun, to ensure you want to keep coming back for more!

Our friendly team supports your recovery journey every step of the way, creating an environment that is inclusive, safe, and clean to ensure that you can achieve your best.

We work together as a team

Matthew Squires, consultant physiotherapist, leads our team of clinical physiotherapists. With over 20 years of experience Matthew assesses your concerns and develops your long term intervention plan, drawing on his broad expertise in movement and care.

Our team of clinical physiotherapists deliver a rehabilitation experience that supports your plan, and helps you achieve your goals. They deliver hands on therapy, exercise interventions, classes, and outcome assessment and reports.

Collectively, the team is passionate about making your experience enjoyable, productive and challenging.

Rehabilitation delivered with a clinical methodology

Your physiotherapist will conduct an initial clinical assessment, exploring your concerns and any contributing issues. This will include detailed measurements to identify and assess problems with range of movement, strength, fitness and ability.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, stroke or mental health issues, we also offer cognitive and brain patterning assessments.

These clinical assessments provide the foundation for the development and delivery of your ongoing stepwise rehabilitation programme.

Simple and effective stepwise solutions

Your physiotherapist will start with initial exercises that match your abilities and address your concerns, progressing through simple stepwise levels to ensure you feel comfortable and supported at all times.

Initially, basic exercise equipment will support your body and build your confidence as your physiotherapist focuses on improving patterns of movement.

As you progress, you will move to higher exercise intensity for muscle tone and functional rehabilitation. This may include cable weight machines, cardiac equipment and more challenging agility exercises.

Collectively, the team is passionate about making your experience enjoyable, productive and challenging.

We believe in your potential to succeed

At Physio Gym, our team works hard to tap into every opportunity to ensure you succeed.

We will partner with you to challenge your skills, and guide you with confidence back into movement and activities in line with your goals.

We are committed to finding solutions that meet your needs and support the outcomes that you value and want to achieve.