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We value our relationship with our patients and members. Our quality of service and development are driven by the aim of providing a knowledgeable, reliable, enjoyable and accessible experience for our patients and members.

When you experience significant pain, an unexpected injury or an ongoing chronic disease we recognise that you may be anxious about your future, how long it may take to get better, while often trying to manage a lot of new information and opinions. To help, we aim to provide an environment in which you get the time, knowledge and space to allow your rehabilitation to occur.

Our commitment

Our team offers a friendly, personal and inclusive environment where the most valuable contribution to us is your time, effort, focus and feedback. For those that take the time to rehabilitate, or seek our advice on how to live more healthily and exercise smarter, we will support you so that the rewards are there to be found, Simply Better.

  • Your needs are heard

  • Clinical Testing

  • Diagnosis Explained

Matthew Squires
Principal Physiotherapist

Matthew has 17 years of experience working in the Sydney Inner West Area as a physiotherapist. His key aim is in developing a Physiotherapy Practice that offers a sanctuary for patients with ongoing musculoskeletal, cardiovascualar and metabolic conditions to achieve their personal best. He really enjoys working with his team to make your Physiotherapy experience “Simply Better”. Matthew and the Senior Physiotherapist, Brendan Nelmes, aim to bring to light the notion of a reliable, informative and structured physiotherapy service. Matthew and the Practice Manager, Brett Parker, aim to evolve an affordable, accessible and professional customer experience.

In-Focus Concept

Matthew: I am enjoying working on the relationship of the head position with neck posture and the natural activation of the lower torso muscles. Here my focus has been to develop a series of exercises that systematically teach patients:

  • How head position naturally can activate lower abdominal and back muscles so that the lower torso supports the weight of the head, which weighs up to 7 kg.
  • How to develop neck strength in relation to Solar Plexus muscular activation, with deep neck crunches.
  • How to establish the ability to gain enough neck extension to initiate the contraction of the lower back extensors, glutes and hamstrings.
Favourite Moment

My favourite moment at work is when I see patients coming into the Practice to try their exercises for the first time on their own. It is the moment that I feel they have made the commitment to exercise and feel confident enough to take their first steps.

Challenging moments

Developing strategies for treatment of stress on knees for going down hills in the rehabilitation environment has been a challenge. To overcome this I developed some great methods over the last year with the introduction of the Deweighted Squats program and with the Long Box Leg Press Series on the reformers. These exercises now allow me to control the exact load on the knee as it does a down-hill movement, and set a pain-free baseline to start the reconditioning program.

Brendan Nelmes
Senior Physiotherapist

Brendan is passionate about delivering an accurate and sustainable approach to rehabilitation.His key aim is to ensure that his clients understand exactly what has caused their condition; the rationale behind the treatment direction and the specific techniques involved in exercise prescription.

Challenging Moments

Challenge diagnostically:

  • Finding an answer in obscurity- 5 months of pain, loss of strength and ability to work and cook for herself
  • Imaging indicated sub deltoid thickening but this did not explain the swelling into the hand, the loss of forearm strength and the feeling of coldness into the fingers.
  • In this situation I had to take into account what the Imaging was detailing but also further examine the shoulder region to find the cause behind these symptoms.
  • Through further testing I found that the symptoms were being produced by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Favourite Moment

From Crutches to shin pads

My recent favourite moment has been guiding the Rehabilitation program for a young football player, to return from a meniscal surgery to back to the pitch. Helping people to regain their freedom in motion is why I became a Physiotherapist.

In-Focus Concept

Putting the Physics back in Physiotherapy

The application of Newtown’s 3rd law “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

Our bodies are in perpetual interchange with the external environment. Every step we take, forces are transferred through our body. To ensure that tissue damage and overloading is limited at a specific point, we as humans must learn to distribute load through the body. This is a key principle for all Rehabilitation and one which we must consider in our regular day to day activities!

Brett Parker
Practice Manager

With over 20 years’ experience in the customer relations industry, Brett prides himself on his relationship management skills and ability to meet customers’ needs. As the main contact at reception, Brett looks after every facet of the day to day running of the practice, its staff and members and enjoys getting to know our patients and help them with their needs to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience through all aspects of their journey.

Brett loves a challenge, particularly when he can improve systems and processes to make day to day life simpler for the team to focus on more time with patients and members.

Next Projects
  • 24/7 Trading and functionality.
  • Improved relationships with local providers .
  • Electronic process implementation and booking systems.




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