From your diagnosis, we find simple solutions to help gain pain relief and tissue healing. This may include manual therapy, pain relieving exercises and stretches, plus advice on activity modifications and restrictions.
  • Hands on care

  • Moving in the right direction

  • Prescribed exercises

Your best options

When you sufferer from an acute episode of pain or an injury, the therapist will test how your symptoms respond to hands on care or exercises to counteract your injury. Together you determine therapy options used during treatment by the therapist and independently at home, work or on the sporting field.

Exercise therapy that makes sense

The type of exercises we give you to relieve your pain often aims to replicate the hands on therapy used by the clinician or are directional specific exercises that have clearly been shown to reduce your symptoms. The therapist will prescribe the right dose of exercises giving you an exercise plan for the day.

A place to exercise

Often it is hard to exercise at home or work, as you are may be too busy, may not have the space or it is inefficient. To assist, we provide the space and equipment that can start you on your road to recovery with up to 24/7* access. The therapist may get you to exercise with bolsters, wedges or positions that take the load of gravity of your body so you can get moving quickly.

Expertise in managing

Back and neck pain, headaches, sprains and strains, sports injuries, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, diabetes, lung and heart disease.

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