Rules & Etiquette

Rules & Etiquette

Terms of entry and use of Physio Gym™ physiotherapy facility


• All patients to register at reception.
• Members to register attendance with cards. Tap “Gym”, “Studio” or “Physiotherapy” as per membership.
• All gym users must complete an exercise clearance form.
• All patients must complete an information form.
• Patrons under 16 must provide written parental/guardian consent to exercise.
• Children exercising in the gym must be supervised by an adult at all times.
• Pre-book studio and floor classes.


• Put weights away after use.
• Take weights off barbell after use.
• Put equipment back in the designated space.
• Please be considerate of other patrons when using exercise equipment.
• During studio class time, ask instructor if it is OK to use equipment.
• Use an exercise mat when on the floor.
• Put bags in provided storage.
• Wear clean closed shoes.
• Physiotherapists have priority when using equipment with patients.


• In studio area always put shoes in storage area, do not put shoes, accessories or drinks on floor.
• Bare feet are permissible, however it may be appropriate to wear socks for hygiene purposes. Ensure socks have a grip ability to prevent slipping.
• If using the equipment independently you must be approved as safe and competent by the accredited therapist in GYROTONIC® Method or Pilates.


• Use towels on all equipment.
• Clean shoes and clothes.
• Clean socks in studio area.
• If you have a cold, use alcohol cleaner provided for hands before use of equipment.
• Sweat on equipment should be cleaned with wipes provided.
• Clean all studio equipment after use.
• Use mats on carpet if doing floor exercises.
• If you are dirty, shower before using equipment.


• The black rubber flooring mats on the carpet can move, please exercise with caution.
• Always exercise responsibly.
• If lifting a heavy weight ask for a spotter or use safety catches or cage.
• Clearance by therapist to use the studio equipment and its prescribed repertoire independently is mandatory.


• If equipment does not work properly please notify staff immediately.


• Do not touch, exercise or lean on mirrors.
• Do not step on benches.
• Do not attempt unsafe exercising or lifting.
• If it is not safe or you feel it is not safe – DON’T DO IT!
• Do not play inappropriately.
• Do not attempt to fix equipment.


• At all times, accompanying children must be supervised by parent/guardian.
• Front desk staff will not be responsible for child minding.
• Parent/Guardian are solely responsible for any damage to property or injury incurred by their children.


• Please advise treating therapist or staff if you do not feel comfortable about any exercise procedure or treatment modality e.g. The weight progression is excessive, speed is too fast, discomfort felt with hot/cold packs.


• Payments for classes are required prior to commencement
• Full payments are required at the time of treatment.
• No accounts will be given.


24 Hour Cancellation.
• Full fee payment for session time applies.
• The following reasons are not exempt: sickness, WorkCover and CTP rescheduling, pre-booked member sessions, inconveniences, concessions.
*Exceptions need senior management approval


• No refunds will be given for change of mind on purchases.
• Products opened cannot be returned.


• All non-approved or disputed insurance treatment claims must be paid for by the claimant.


Physio Gym™ physiotherapy is not liable for any injuries sustained during exercise or for inappropriate use of equipment by you or your guests.