We work alongside your symptoms in regaining movement and strength for a durable return to an active life.
  • Exercise safely

  • High-quality equipment

  • Load Based Exercises

The physiotherapist will design a program and teach you how to exercise safely. The exercises will be at your fingertips on your phone, using the Physio Gym™ exercise software. Our high-quality equipment will support your recovery in both the acute-fragile to the strong-challenging stages.

Once you are trained in your program, we offer you up to six months access to do your exercises*. You can also join our Physio Gym™ classes where the therapist assists you in your program.

Acute care

In the acute phase we work alongside your symptoms to reduce the pain. This is when your tissue is inflamed and then staring to repair. Here we start with simple exercises to maintain muscle activity and joint movement and aim to minimise any signs of de-conditioning. During this period the therapist may have to de-weight the body or joint using Pilates or Pulley based equipment.

Tissue remodelling

As your injury starts to heal, it is important to add gradual load to the help in remodelling the tissue. The therapist will prescribe a Load Based Exercise Program that will aim to challenge your muscles, joints and movement ability. The therapist often includes exercises using gym equipment to target muscles and cardiovascular equipment to get you moving safely.

Durable results

To provide you with durable results for the long term the therapist will aim to develop a long term program. Once an injury has occurred it may take up to 12 months for the injured site to be fully recovered. For durability, the therapist will assess the body for imbalances in muscles strength and endurance and issues with co-ordination and movement patterns. To correct these problems often requires training, time and your commitment.

To make it easy we offer you the technology to learn and monitor your exercises plus up to 6 month free 24/7 access to exercise*.

Expertise in managing:

Back and neck pain, headaches, sprains and strains, sports injuries, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, diabetes, lung and heart disease.

Our team offers a friendly, personal and inclusive environment.

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