WorkCover & CTP

WorkCover & Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance Claims

Physio Gym™ physiotherapy is the right place for rehabilitation after work injuries and road accidents. All of our physiotherapists are WorkCover approved practitioners, and experienced and skilled in hands-on therapy and exercise prescription. We aim to provide you with the best rehabilitation environment, featuring expert advice, a highly equipped facility and an efficient service.

Physio Gym’s WorkCover approach

There are four types of injured workers who can benefit from our services:

  • A person with a recent injury needing acute management
  • A person with a chronic or complex injury and in need of expert physiotherapy care combined with exercise management
  • Someone seeking a new approach to manage a long-term injury
  • An injured worker who wants to get a Physio Gym™ physiotherapy membership .

In each case, we can tailor our service to meet your needs and satisfy the requirements of WorkCover.

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Successful WorkPlace Rehabilitation

One of the main barriers to successful WorkPlace rehabilitation is that injured workers are often expected to exercise, stretch and self-manage after initial treatment. The reality is that many fail to do home exercises, or forget how to do a particular exercise series, leading to a slower recovery time. At Physio Gym we encourage you to exercise with us, using the right equipment and under the best supervision, to ensure you do it correctly.

Our Program

At Physio Gym we offer:

  • A thorough examination for an accurate diagnosis and prognosis
  • A plan to manage your injury or pain
  • Appropriate manual therapy techniques to get your body moving, with minimal pain
  • Advice on medical certificate restrictions
  • A co-operative working relationship with your doctors, rehabilitation providers and specialists to pace your recovery appropriately
  • Development of a sustainable long-term gym-based program
  • Highly specialised rehabilitation equipment such as GYROTONIC® and Pilates equipment
  • The support and motivation to help you rebuild your strength and endurance.


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The Physio Gym WorkCover difference

The standard approach to WorkCover physiotherapy is based on initial advice, followed by a home-based, unsupervised, swiss-ball exercise program. This approach is like taking your car to a mechanic, who does nothing but give you a little advice, a wrench and some grease and sends you home to fix it yourself! This is clearly a far from ideal situation.

At Physio Gym, we aim to change this. We see you and your health as our number one priority, and we realise that often people become injured because they lack the knowledge to prevent injury, or the means to fix it – so our rehabilitation model goes something like this:

Imagine your body is a car and you took it to Physio Gym. We put your car on a hydraulic lift, service the engine with the right tools , and offer advice on what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. You leave in full working order and your insurer is happy because your recovery has been quicker and more efficient.

Remember, you only have one body, and unlike a car, you can’t trade it in for a new one – so service it well, with the right advice and equipment to get you moving and thriving.