Neuromuscular Physiotherapy

Neuromuscular Physiotherapy

Physio Gym™ physiotherapy offers people with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, stroke and brain injury a safe and professional environment to rehabilitate and strengthen the body, and boost coordination. We have the equipment and expert knowledge to help you to get the best out of your body, and it’s our goal to be the leading experts for management of these types of neuromuscular conditions.

Parkinson’s Disease

We focus on:

  • Motor patterning for walking, reaching and spinal dynamics
  • Mobility and joint range, particularly for the thoracic spine, hips and calves
  • Strength and agility of the legs and torso
  • Motor skills development, to maximise muscle recruitment and patterning.

Multiple Sclerosis

Often for MS, treatment is highly tailored to the individual, based on their symptoms, condition, degree of agility and independence. With the appropriate medication and early exercise intervention, many secondary issues associate with MS can be minimised.
In general we focus on:

  • Walking mobility and co-ordination
  • Leg strength and flexibility
  • Managing secondary problems such as frozen shoulder and back pain
  • skill development to maximise muscle recruitment and patterning.

Successful intervention relies on the right prescription of exercises and the best equipment to support the body to maximise its functional capacity.

Cerebral Palsy

This is a long-term condition that requires ongoing management, either during pregnancy, birth, or up to the age of three. During early development and childhood, the focus is on training muscle co-ordination and limiting the effects of spasticity. Exercise intervention is important for both mobility and achieving developmental milestones. Physio Gym™ physiotherapy can assist with motor training, serial casting, kinesio tape to maximise motor control, and the development of a home-based program.

Cerebral Palsy in adulthood also has its challenges, and here, it’s important to maximise range, build on functional strength and joint range, and manage pain and the impact of spasticity on joints like the feet and hands. For long-term results, you need a long-term environment to support your needs. At Physio Gym we can effectively train the body in a highly supervised or monitored environment.

Stroke and brain injury

Once patients are discharged from the hospital following a stroke or brain injury, Physio Gym™ physiotherapy can provide a unique opportunity to continue maximising the brain’s ability to undergo neuroplastic changes. We enable stroke or brain injury sufferers to exercise in an environment with trained staff and equipment that can support their needs. Stroke and brain-injured clients can practice reaching, walking and moving the spine in new and versatile ways, using equipment that is not provided in most hospitals.