PainWISE – Week 2:

PainWISE – Week 2: A co-presentation between Physio Gym TM  and Chemist Works

Presenters Brendan Nelmes (Physio Gym) and George Adattini (Chemist Works)


We are happy to say we had a very successful session with our participants sharing:

  1. An understanding about their pain experience
  2. Determining their goals for regaining meaningful experiences
  3. Breaking down painful experiences and reconstructing them into ways they can help themselves
  4. Stopping their “Boom” and “Bust” cycle of pain.
  5. Challenging beliefs about food and ways to eat and their healing properties.


Which one are you when it comes to pain?

Boom and Bust or pace

Turmeric is an anti-oxidant and a anti-inflammatory… Try a Painwise reciepe from our work book this week.


Have a great PainWISE week this week.