We listen to your concerns and identify the source of your pain. We formulate a diagnosis and explain our personalised therapy to manage your injury and symptoms.
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Back Pain
Lower Back Pain can be extremely debilitating, ongoing, recurrent, or persistent. Pain may be local to the back or down into the legs. The therapist will identify if the pain is a case of “simple back pain” or if the injury compromises the nerve like “Sciatica” causing weakness, reduced reflexes or loss of sensation.

Neck Pain and Headaches
Pain from the neck can be local or spread into the arms or head causing headaches or migraine like symptoms. You may experience a restriction in neck movement or symptoms if dizziness. The therapist will aim to determine the impact of posture, work environment, and activities that cause your symptoms.

Sport Injuries
From the weekend runner to the Olympic athlete, we offer therapies to improve your recovery and fast track your return to sport. We offer an assessment of your sporting technique and equipment, such as assessing running technique and if you have the correct footwear.

Expertise in managing
Back and neck pain, headaches, sprains and strains, sports injuries, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, diabetes, lung and heart disease.




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