Diabetes & BEAT IT

An epidemic

Every five and a half minutes, another person in Australia is diagnosed with diabetes. Once a disease of the elderly, it is now prevalent in children and young adults.

Is there a cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

Unfortunately there is no specific cure for Type 2 Diabetes. However it can be managed through medication and lifestyle modifications.

Exercise makes the difference

When you start training your muscles, you improve the tissue’s ability to transfer the sugar you get from food back into muscle – so a program to train your body is critical in helping to control and stabilise your blood sugar levels.

BEAT IT (Australian Diabetes Council)

  • Learn how to exercise course,
  • Moderate intense physical activity,
  • aerobic and strength training,
  • lifestyle tips
  • 8 week program
  • A new course is conducted each school term.
  • Call for our next information night.

Diabetes and Medicare rebates

Medicare available at Physio Gym physiotherapy!
Up to 5 sessions rebated.
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