Cardiac Disease

Cardiac Disease and Rehabilitation

Physio Gym™ physiotherapy offers a safe, supervised environment for cardiac rehabilitation and reconditioning. Our physio or exercise scientist can communicate with your doctor or cardiac specialist to determine safe levels of exercises for your condition. A program is then developed that’s designed to increase your cardiovascular strength and help you feel confident in moving and exercising safely.

Living with a heart condition.

A heart condition can often trigger concerns over the possibility of a recurring cardiac event. Exercise is crucial in improving the efficiency of the heart, and reducing risk factors associated with the condition. Depending on your issue, we can help you to lose those extra kilos of fat that may be damaging your heart muscles, or re-train a heart muscle that has been sedentary for a long time.

Cardiac rehabilitation

For cardiac rehabilitation, one of our physio will determine:

  • The type of heart condition you have and interventions to date.
  • Your contributing factors, such as excess body fat, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, or genetics
  • How your heart condition affects your ability to exercise.
  • Any fears or anxiety about exercise.

Your exercise sessions may start off as one-on-one sessions before progressing to group classes or self-management. During your therapy we’ll:

  • Teach you how to monitor your heart and exertion levels.
  • Start a structured exercise program with cardiovascular equipment and Precor cable exercise machines
  • Begin a targeted lifestyles program, conducted at Physio Gym
  • Begin monitored group circuit classes
  • Develop an independent gym or home exercise program for maintenance.

A safe environment to practice

Our training staff are all highly qualified professionals, and there’s always a staff member available to offer help or information on your condition/program. We also keep a cardiac defibrillator on site in the event of an emergency. All staff are trained in CPR.

Medicare-funded physiotherapy

Heart disease and Medicare rebates

Medicare available at Physio Gym™!
Up to 5 sessions rebated.
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Matthew Squires Principal Physiotherapist
Matthew Squires
Principal Physiotherapist