Understand and command your body

Studio classes at Physio Gym are about learning how your body works, and then taking control of it. Choose from

  • Pilates,
  • The GYROTONIC® method
  • FreeFORM®

Each studio class works in complementary ways to target different aspects of the body. Our job is to find the best method or mix for your body.

Create body awareness and strength

Learn the principles of movement of:

  • coordinate simple spinal movements with the breath and core muscles
  • discover better posture
  • move from your core muscles
  • create opposition within the body to open jammed or locked up joints,
  • elongate the spine during exertion,
  • work with the bodies energy levels
  • develop a full body endurance.
  • Integration to everyday needs.

Resistance is used to find areas of weakness, which enables the instructor to teach you ways to control and strengthen the body.

Studio for rehabilitation

The physio will conduct an initial consultation to assess your needs. For back pain the equipment may be used therapeutically to traction the spine or de-load its curves and take pressure off the disc and nerves.

  • Pilates and FreeFORM® equipment is exceptional for back pain, knee, hip and ankle rehabilitation,
  • GYROTONIC® equipment is ideal for acute disc pathologies, scoliosis, neck pain and hip and shoulder rehabilitation.

Studio for peak conditioning

  • Pilates explosive nature and core dynamics of ideal for runners, jumping sports, rugby, AFL, gymnastics, and dance.
  • GYROTONIC® exercises are superb for tennis, golf, rowing, dance and swimming.
  • FreeFORM® is excellent for rowers, ball sports and gymnastics being used by the AIS and at professional clubs.

Our Studio process

Your studio experience can be supervised via either one-on-one or group class sessions. As you grow more confident with the equipment, we may encourage you to begin practicing on your own. Whatever your exercise path, all Physio Gym members undertake individual sessions to begin with, for safety and for learning purposes – and we usually recommended a minimum of two supervised sessions before proceeding to class-based or solo training.

Choosing the right way for you

Pilates is excellent at strengthening and training the body in a linear direction, using spring resistance to tone the body. GYROTONIC® exercises work from a rotational paradigm, to untwist and then lengthen the body and spine. FreeFORM® uses body weight and rotation to co-ordinate the body and build core strength.