Physio Gym and freeFORM®

Physio Gym and freeFORM®

The freeFORM® Board is an exceptional piece of equipment suited to all types of individuals: elite athletes, rowers, dancers, rehabilitation, back pain sufferers, weight loss, and cardio fitness.
For improving scoliosis, mal-alignment syndrome, facet joint irritations, muscle imbalances and disc pathologies the freeFORM® Board offers both a range of exercises and training patterns that help rebalance, co-ordinate and lengthen the spine. Exercises can be delivered to relieve pain, stretch and train hypertonic muscles, and open compressed joints.

With the right focus on activation of the torso muscles the freeFORM® Board can be an effective way to connect abdominal and back strength to the arms, and legs creating improved functional strength. It is ideal for sports and athletes involved in rotational sports such as golf, cricket, rowing, and tennis. The dynamic co-ordination can be used by both blue and white collar workers to improve push and pull dynamics or sitting endurance.

Torso Strength freeFROM®

There are virtually unlimited ways to use the freeFORM board to help improve the range, quality and control of your stretching routine. It allows you to reach your limits safely with muscle balance and control. The instructor will help you initiate the control and focus during the stretches.

fluid S-T-R-E-T-C-H

The speed that a freeFORM board can move at allows you to get your heart rate up and train not just the balance of the body but also your cardiovascular system.


The body has an incredible ability to create compensatory patterns when it is in pain such as tight hip flexors or a sideways list in the spine. Over time the body accepts these as normal. Using the FreeFORM in it spinning mode you can challenge these imbalances by making the body aware of how it compensates and where it will collapse when stressed.

Behavioural freeFORM® to align and balance the body

Balance re-education is important for rehabilitation of knees, hips and for solving complex foot or lumbopelvic problems affecting the spine. The freeFORM® offers a diverse series of exercises to evolve both static and dynamic control of balance. It starts as simply as learning how to step onto the board.

In-balance freeFORM®

These classes are easy to get started with, fun and incredibly beneficial for the body. freeFORM ® Group Exercise formats will offer a diverse range of effective programs covering the full spectrum of wellbeing from functional strength to balance and control, cardio, core and dynamic mobility exercises. You and your body will not look back.

bal9283434Knee strength

_MG_7460Spine mobility

_MG_7475Ankle rehabilitation

_MG_7034All ages and stages

_MG_7321Group classes

bal523423Rowing strength



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