Physio Gym physiotherapy is one of Australia’s largest fitness studios offering both individual or group training and rehabilitation. Our GYROTONIC® exercise studio is also unique in its ability to teach you the techniques, and then enabling you to practice independently. Available equipment includes pulley towers Cobra®, the GYROTONIC® and Leg Extension Unit. To complement studio exercises, Physio Gym physiotherapy also offers GYROTONIC® classes.

GYROTONIC® Level 1 and 2 on pulley towers Cobra®

Level 1 is for beginners wanting to develop greater body awareness and to learn how the breath can help shape and move the torso. You’ll learn simple concepts like spinal flexion, extension, rotation and side bends, to help develop spine spiraling capabilities. Spine and limbs are re-trained and strengthened, allowing joints to move into more complicated positions.
Level 2 is for intermediate to advanced movers, and requires the body to perform more complicated and challenging exercise series. The body stays in motion and multiple exercises sequences are incorporated. The series is done while sitting, standing, kneeling or lying, and blends elements of dance, yoga and Qi Gong.


This specialised piece of equipment has two unique elements. The upper paddles allow you to train your upper body in virtually any position, making this equipment ideal for shoulder, elbow, neck, thoracic and elbow conditioning and rehabilitation, and perfect for tennis, golf, cricket. The second part of the machine is the lower paddles for the feet, which isolates the hips, knee and ankle joint to coordinate it with the pelvis. This is fantastic for glute medius tendinosis, trochanteric bursitis, hip labral tears and sciatica.

Leg Extension Unit (LEU)

This amazing device trains the legs, spine and entire body, using a combination of spring and weight-loaded resistance. Both legs can be worked independently, and the machine’s foot attachment allows the foot to be strengthened and coordinated at the same time as the knees. The LEU will accelerate any knee or ankle rehabilitation, and is ideal for dislocated patella, patellofemoral pain, meniscus repairs and recoveries, Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstructions and even total knee-replacements.

GYROTONIC® exercises for dancers

The Cobra®, GYROTONER® and LEU all lend themselves to the fluid movements required for dance. GYROTONIC® exercises for dancers help to strengthen, coordinate and elongate a dancer’s body, enabling a dancer to explore the different shapes and balance-points required by the body to reach higher levels within their profession.

GYROTONIC® exercises and musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Our specialised equipment provides a great environment for optimal musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The equipment works in three key ways; to guide the body, to offer a supported environment similar to hydrotherapy, and to apply resistance for strengthening. Most important is the process in which the GYROTONIC® system educates and rebuilds the body’s awareness and control of movement, building key awareness of the movement of the pelvis, the way the joints glide and slide, and spinal elongation and rotation. This awareness helps to achieve a dynamic functioning alignment that the body can maintain.

GYROTONIC® exercises and neuromuscular disorders

One of the most exciting aspects of the GYROTONIC® equipment is its ability to support a body struggling for coordination, shape or control, and help it to rebuild motor skills capacity and function. It can help to delay the curve of a Parkinson’s disease mid-back, or help free an Multiple Sclerosis patient’s frozen shoulder. With stroke or brain injuries, the equipment offers the support and capacity for movement, helping to regain normal movement and maximising the opportunity for neuroplasticity in the brain.