Floor Classes


Physio Gym PhysioPUMP


Strengthen your legs, upper body and torso with Physio-focused principles to exercise with weights and step box.

Physio Gym Pilates

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Develop torso strength with a physio-based focus on the abdominal and back muscles. Learn to coordinate the core with breathing and body movements. Try Pilates 100’s and spine stretch.

Physio Gym Circuit


Exercise with a physiotherapist helping you complete your prescribed exercise program. A mixture of Gym, Studio, Floor and Cardio work. It is your own program with corrections offered by the physiotherapist.

Physio Gym Yoga


A series of Yoga based stretches, postures and breathing techniques developed by Matthew Squires to minimise back, neck and thoracic spine pain. It focuses on moving your body around the limitations of your spine and then opens the bodies centres of movement to maximise your flexibility.

Physio Gym Floor Circuit

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If you have back pain, diabetes, a heart condition, or osteoporosis, you can feel safe and confident exercising in our Floor Circuit class aimed at maximising your balance, co-ordination and mobility. Fun and social.