Physio Gym™ physiotherapy is the ideal training facility for both healthy individuals and rehabilitating patients wanting to exercise using high quality equipment and physio-focused programs. Physiotherapists can help structure a gym workout, support your learning and training, and advise if Pilates or GYROTONIC® studio equipment is required to help you achieve your goals.


Enjoy the benefits of regular classes with physiotherapist dedicated to helping you build your body strength and awareness. Bookings are essential for both, as we have limited spaces available, and a minimum group class policy*.
For bookings call 9569 5899 or register with Front Desk.
Timetable may be subject to change.

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To reach your full potential in exercise or rehabilitation we offer memberships to access the gym, studio equipment, floor classes and ongoing training. Exercise safely and with the right equipment.
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Check our timetable to see what time and classes are available for you. There are studio, floor and lifestyle classes.
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Studio Classes

Ideal for people wanting to train their core abdominal and back muscles. Our Pilates classes involve the use of reformers, wunda chairs, cadillac and barrels. Pilates classes are offered for beginners to intermediate level, and can be further tailored if rehabilitation is required.


Physio Gym Pilates is offered at all levels, from beginners to advanced, and for the purpose of rehabilitation. The sessions are supervised using the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair or Barrels. Our physios can also use Real time ultrasound to enhance your understanding of how to use your core muscles, and can apply their knowledge of body mechanics and manual therapy to guide your experience.
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The GYROTONIC® method is one of the newest and most promising core and body training systems recently developed. Using the pulley towers Cobra®, GYROTONER® and leg extensor unit it evolves movement training to a higher level function and awareness. This system is ideal for back, hip and shoulder injuries.
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Sports Club

Pre-season, peak performance and recovery training is available. Club associated memberships are available. Wet weather options can be booked with sufficient notice.
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Floor classes

Exercising in a group environment is both motivating and fun. Take part in Physio Gym™ PILATES, Physio Gym™ YOGA, Physio Gym™ PUMP, Boxercise, Lifestyle and Rehabilitation Classes.
See timetable.

Lifestyle Classes

Whether you have back pain, diabetes, a heart condition, or osteoporosis, you can feel safe and confident exercising knowing that one of our physiotherapists or exercise scientists is close by, ready to assist.

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers, Exercise Scientists and Physiotherapists are all here to help you achieve your ‘personal best’ or at the very least, your ‘personal better’! Their individual attention will help you to stay educated, motivated and focused on reaching your exercise goals.
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Personal Care

For personal care, showers are available in the upstairs bathrooms. Cubby holes are provided free of charge, and can be found on the upstairs floor space, and in our cardio and studio areas.
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Lungs in Action

Lungs in Action is Lung Foundation Australia’s community based maintenance exercise program for people with stable chronic lung conditions who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation. It is also suitable for people with stable NYHA class II & III heart failure who have completed heart failure rehabilitation.

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