Exercising when you have pain or are recovering can often require some ongoing team work between you and the physiotherapist.

Our Physio Gym™ Classes are designed for you to have the time to work with the therapist on your full exercise program or on specific exercises you are finding difficult.

The therapist can also use this time to progress your program, check how you are using the equipment, answer questions, improve your technique, plus offer educational and motivational tips.

You can only attend these classes once a physiotherapist has designed your individualised exercise program.

The therapist may request an 1 on 1 session from time to time to restructure the nature of your exercise program to reflect your progression or needs.

We offer 2 Class formats

Physio Gym™ Class: (4-6 Participants) Cost: $52 Duration: 45 Mins

Intense Physio Gym™ Class: This class offers participants a shorter, more intense class schedule, perfect for those short on time. Work with our physiotherapists to get the best results in a smaller intimate class (2-3 Participants) Note: these classes are scheduled based on individual needs

Cost: $44.50 Duration: 30 Mins

We also offer discount on Multi packs of 5, 10 and 20 packs

  • Friendly & Personal

  • Inclusive Environment

  • Reliable & Accessible 24/7

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