The Team

The Team


Matthew Squires Principal Physiotherapist
Matthew Squires
Principal Physiotherapist

• MHS (Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy)
• BAS (Physiotherapy Hons)
• BAS (Biomedicine)
• Pilates (Certificate IV)

More about me

Matthew has a keen interest in diagnostics, back pain, headaches, women’s health, GYROTONIC® and Pilates. Winner of The Sydney University Medal 2000, he holds a double Masters in Health Science for Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy, and is a qualified Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise instructor. Physio Gym™ physiotherapy is part of his approach to creating a dynamic environment for physiotherapist to help patients succeed in overcoming physical challenges in their lives. Based in Sydney’s Inner West for 12 years, Matthew has worked with everyone from local sporting clubs, schools, to international rowing teams. He thrives on helping people to recover and reach their full potential.Quote by Matthew:

“I believe that pain, injury, and physical challenges to the body should not always be viewed as negative, but rather as moments that can bring change and renewed strength.”

Brendan Nelmes
Brendan Nelmes

• Bachelor Applied Sciences (Physiotherapy)
• Member of APA

More about me

Brendan has a strong approach to musculoskeletal management combining manual therapy skills to match accurate prescription of exercises. Often he sees patients concerned about their specific ailment, pain and impact it has on their daily lives. He removes the confusion about what is causing their dysfunction by focusing on a clear diagnosis and prognosis leading to a more tailored treatment program maximising the patient’s confidence and understanding. Brendan enjoys playing touch football, golf and playing the blues on the guitar.

Quote by Brendan:

“Empowerment is critical to success, often pain can be confusing but through knowledge, patience, practice and the right guidance these issues can be resolved to bring better function to life.”

 Our Process

When a new injury occurs, the body can often wind itself up further and further, until a simple problems becomes chronic. What’s needed is speedy intervention, with hands-on therapy and exercise. 

We offer a tailored, accurate, and systemised approach to pain and movement problems. Programs are delivered on designer and commercial equipment that supports and challenges your body at every twist and turn. We mentor you in understanding how your body works, so that you feel empowered to be able to move in new and more deliberate ways. This helps you to beat pain, move with confidence and strengthen your body.
“To beat back pain you need to train more than the core – you also need to train the brain”. 
Train safe and train smart, at Physio Gym™ physiotherapy.