Our Process

Our Process

When a new injury occurs, the body can often wind itself up further and further, until a simple problems becomes chronic. What’s needed is speedy intervention, with hands-on therapy and exercise. 

We offer a tailored, accurate, and systemised approach to pain and movement problems. Programs are delivered on designer and commercial equipment that supports and challenges your body at every twist and turn. We mentor you in understanding how your body works, so that you feel empowered to be able to move in new and more deliberate ways. This helps you to beat pain, move with confidence and strengthen your body.
“To beat back pain you need to train more than the core – you also need to train the brain”. 
Train safe and train smart, at Physio Gym™ physiotherapy.

At Physio Gym™ physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing a tailored approach to your health and fitness, via a range of programs and treatments.


The key to successful musculoskeletal rehabilitation is to have the right tools and equipment for diagnosis, treatment and then exercise prescription. Our’s therapists and trainers use a variety of means to help your body move more freely:

Diagnosis, real-time ultrasound, scientific approach, investigate causes.


Home exercises, Physio Gym Membership, practice, supervision.

Lifestyle Solutions

We offer lifestyle solutions for antenatal and postnatal care, clumsy kids, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke rehabilitation, osteoporosis, cancer exercise therapy, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and depression. For the best results, these areas of management require the medical approach and care we’re known for at Physio Gym™ physiotherapy. Our lifestyle solutions are based around the following approach:

Rebuild with exercise:

Cardiovascular training, core stability exercises, weights, studio exercise.

Prescription of specific exercise:

Reactivate muscles, target weak and tight muscles, manage exercise behaviours.

Practise for the best results:

One-on-one training, studio classes, floor classes, specialised classes.

Personal Training

Achieve your personal best with regular training sessions for muscle tone, weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility and wellbeing. Ideal for the healthy who want to be healthier.


Assessment, body metrics assessment, physical measures, co-manage with physios.

Set goals:

Set an initial target, determine ability to achieve aims, motivate, results-driven.


Running, boxing, lunges, weights, dumbbells, jump boxes, kettlebells, stairs.


Manage food, monitor what you eat, supplements, healthy options.