Fit for work

Fit for work

Living with pain and reduced physical ability to return to work

Unfortunately not all pain and injuries fully resolve, and some people are left with a degree of permanent pain, loss of movement and disability. This may affect your ability to return to work and even your ability to do basic chores and activities at home.
Often, the fear and anxiety attached to pain will inhibit your ability to return to work even further. It takes time and the right strategies to manage both the pain and the emotions associated with an unresolved injury. Physio Gym™ physiotherapy can help you to implement those successful strategies, and give you the support to more effectively manage pain, and techniques to prevent its recurrence.

Become fit for work at Physio Gym

When pain is persistent and has not responded well to acute physiotherapy management, continuing to limit your ability to return to work, a Physio Gym™ physiotherapy fit for work program can be implemented.

The physio will begin by determining:

  • Your diagnosis and how pain has been managed
  • Your current capacity to perform basic tasks, and those required at work
  • Barriers to returning to work, such as poor ergonomics, capacity to manage pain and current duties
  • Your experience and level of pain (via questionnaires), and how your injury may make you anxious to return to work, as well as your current capacity to conduct daily tasks, and limiting aspects of your job
  • The best ways to implement specialist advice.

From this information we can:

  • Tell you how we can help to manage your injury and develop a plan of action
  • Advise your medical doctor on your capacity to work for the medical certificate
  • Work with your rehabilitation provider to pace you appropriately back to work
  • Discuss barriers for your return to work with the insurer and determine a plan for how to overcome them
  • Discuss with all stakeholders our prognosis and set a time-frame for recovery.

Your Physio Gym™ physiotherapy return to work exercise program

Physio Gym™ physiotherapy aims to implement your return to work program in seven key ways:

1. Ways to manage the injury and any pain episodes
2. Exercises to help heal or de-load your injury
3. Manage compensatory movements and develop good techniques
4. Train specific muscles, to stabilise the injury
5. Rebuild functional movements required for home and work
6. Develop your capacity to manage pain or injury if it persists
7. Develop a maintenance program.

The right advice, equipment and experience for the best results

At Physio Gym™ physiotherapy we want the best result for you. We have the capacity, the knowledge and the equipment to support your injury, restrictions or pain. More importantly, you can choose to continue to train with us after your program has ceased, to benefit from ongoing maintenance. We can also adapt our programs for you to use anywhere, whether at home, at work or within other healthcare facilities.

_MG_7598Work place issues

_MG_7569Determine problem

_MG_7607Understand the pain

_MG_7439Develop program

_MG_7443Build strength

_MG_7581Return to work