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  • Getting the Better of Persistent Back Pain with GYROKINESIS

    November, 2016

    Gyrokinesis(R) exercise offered at Physio Gym physiotherapy have been shown to improve walking ability in people with persistent (Chronic) back pain.  Thanks to the work of Seo and Park (2016) Published J Phys Ther Sci. 2016 Feb; 28(2): 511–514. Effects of gyrokinesis exercise on the gait pattern of female patients with chronic low back pain.

    gyrokinesis-article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4793001/   _MG_7286iStock_000017255685_Small_MG_7569 At Physio Gym TM physiotherapy Matthew Squires teaches this form of exercise in the  GYROTONIC(R) Classes. Post By Matthew Squires

  • Intermediate Pilates Class Working Hard on Tuesday Night 7pm

    November, 2016

    What a great work-out our Tuesday night 7 pm Pilates class did this week. Congratulations on all your hard work over the year.  The confidence of the group has grown considerably over the last three months and the hard work is paying off for you all. Keep it up! Matthew Squires wp_20161108_19_49_21_pro wp_20161108_19_50_29_pro wp_20161108_19_52_18_pro

  • GYROTONIC exercise class

    November, 2016

    GYROTONIC exercise class kick starts the day and gets the body moving, legs strengthening and everyone feeling great. Everyone got to use the leg extension unit to train their 1. Abs 2. Knees 3. Stretch the spine, and 4. Rejuvenate the nervous system. Two great classes 6:30AM – class worked the abs gyrotonic-exercise-class 7:30 AM Class - stretched the spine gyrotonic1 And rejuvenated the nerves doing sciatic nerve stretches. gyrotonic2

  • PainWISE – Week 2:

    August, 2016

    PainWISE – Week 2: A co-presentation between Physio Gym TM  and Chemist Works Presenters Brendan Nelmes (Physio Gym) and George Adattini (Chemist Works)   We are happy to say we had a very successful session with our participants sharing:

    1. An understanding about their pain experience
    2. Determining their goals for regaining meaningful experiences
    3. Breaking down painful experiences and reconstructing them into ways they can help themselves
    4. Stopping their “Boom” and “Bust” cycle of pain.
    5. Challenging beliefs about food and ways to eat and their healing properties.
      Which one are you when it comes to pain? Boom and Bust or pace Turmeric is an anti-oxidant and a anti-inflammatory… Try a Painwise reciepe from our work book this week. Recipe Have a great PainWISE week this week.

  • How to be Painwise with chronic pain.

    August, 2016

    Being “Painwise” with chronic pain. Last week Physio Gym physiotherapy began its first Painwise program. It started well with good attendance and with patients sharing their experiences of how pain has affected their lives and strategies to date they use to cope. Some key take home points to consider after module 1 of 4 to be presented are: 1. With chronic pain your brain can be more sensitive to a pain experience. 2. It is easier to trigger your pain as you have a lower pain threshold. 3. Chronic pain may not just be a sore back or joint it is often an entire experience affecting you in other ways like changing your sense of smell, creating a higher degree of anticipation or fear with an episode and reducing your ability to concentrate and recall memory as your brain is so busy coping with pain. The most important message is to work with the therapist to: a. Describe your pain and feelings you may have around the pain b. Learn to understand how pain affects you and some things that may seem odd about your pain may be able to be explained to you. c. Become pain smart so you can help your medical team help you by being the driver of your medical service not the receiver. Module 2 will explore A. Goal setting B. Moving with pain and into new experiences C. Managing sleep Good work everyone that came on Saturday. Painwise Logo


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